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Last updated January 10, 2024

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The Spare Child

The Spare Child & Other Rather Nasty Stories . . . (2nd edition)

Nine short stories, by Barbara Godfrey

With their shocking twists, the nine stories in this expanded edition are reminiscent of TV’s Tales of the Unexpected.
     In the grisly tale of The Mincer, and in other stories, events don’t turn out as planned.
     The enterprising Spare Child dares to defy the cruel laws of a future age of baby cloning. In Take Fright, Alison finds herself being chased breathlessly through Surrey woodland after taking her dog for a walk at a fairground. And in The Time of Her Life, bored housewife Rita dreams of a happy new life, as does little Susie in A Sting in the Tale.
     But their dreams inexorably become nightmares . . .

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The Blood, the Sand & the Sun

The Blood, the Sand & the Sun

Surreal and visionary poems by Pete Gioconda

Guidance Fell, Sex on Mars, Connected to Remote Sunrise, Drinking In, Any Good Place, and more . . .
“The new brutes have replaced the old brutes.
In the banks of Havoc, with digital currency
They’ve gone past where the meaning is.
‘Numbers are frightfully convenient!’
The world now celebrates their bad reception;
They walk, meanwhile, in simulation.
        (No use yelling! . . They’ll have you cronied.)”

(from A Terminal Lunar Cataclysm)
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Same Sun
Life: a wicked little conundrum

Same Sun & Life: a wicked little conundrum

Two books of poems by acclaimed Brighton poet and performer Paul Davies

Eye Blue Yonder, My Secret Fear of Birth, Strings (the 1960s, for Jimi Hendrix), Three in a Bedsit . . .
“Seeing smells only birds hear
Tasting notes of a tune
being combed through bare trees
by the wind, remembering . . .

A wondrous naïvety!
Before knowing the names of colours”

(from Getting On)
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Centuries of Sadness

Centuries of Sadness (2nd edition)

Abstract and philosophical meanderings by Pete Gioconda

Speech Therapy for the Wicked, Word Cages, Requiem to Cruelty (Real or Imagined), An Emotional Mystery, Consumed . . .
“I command my head to melt.
A blending of all landscapes
starts to breathe
and whole seas of disease
are overwhelmed.
How hard to lose a face
in a face.
– Who I might have been
is shelved.”

(from In Rainbow Corner)
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